Keeping tabs on all of your activities during the day, as well as on upcoming events and meetings, can help you stay well-organized, and one way to do that is to use a calendar.

With the help of a simple application such as Calendar G, you can be efficient even when you have a busy schedule and you need multiple calendars to better manage your activities.

The application allows you to connect with your Google Calendar without having to open a Web page for that, while also offering simple, straightforward management options for all entries there.

In order to start using the software, you need to log in with a Gmail account, but the app itself won't manage passwords, requiring instead a token and your permission to access your data (meaning that you'll need to sign in into your account via a browser for that).

Once you're logged in, you can start adding new entries to your calendar, including reminders, events, or meetings. You can also switch between different calendars easily, courtesy of a drop-down menu in the “View” tab.

The app allows you to manage existing calendar entries effortlessly. Courtesy of a monthly view, you can easily jump to a specific day to add or edit events, but you can also choose to view events in a list.

With Calendar G, you can choose to receive notifications on upcoming events, either by mail or SMS, provided that you are away from your computer. The app can also alert you by displaying a pop-up message on your computer's screen.

All changes made to calendar entries are synchronized with your Google account instantly, meaning that you are able to view them on other devices as well.

In conclusion, Calendar G is a simple, straightforward application for managing Google Calendar entries from your computer, allowing you to stay on top of events saved in multiple calendars associated with your account.