Call Identifier is a program that will tell you all you need to know about incoming calls.

You've got Caller ID from your phone company, but when you're on your computer, you can't see who's calling because the box is in the kitchen.

Here are some key features of "Call Identifier":

■ Notifies you when an 'unavailable' caller rings with a 'warning' sound.

■ Pops up a window displaying Caller ID information when call is received.

■ You can page a pager with caller's number and special suffix to notify you of a call.

■ Logs calls to files when you choose.

■ Stores up to 100 Calls.

■ Can automatically hang up on 'unavailable' calls.

■ Automatically hang up on numbers you wish to be blocked.

■ Stays hidden in your system tray until call is received.

■ Choose from 3 different international phone number display formats.

■ Disable option lets other programs use modem without having to close Call Identifier.

■ Chose any sound ('wav') file to play for any phone number.


■ 30 days trial.