Nowadays most computer monitors and laptops come with a built-in webcam, so buying separate hardware is no longer necessary, except if you are looking for one that is of a much higher resolution.

However, just because the hardware comes with a webcam, that doesn't mean that you also have the right software installed. While the latest versions of the Windows OS come with a built-in webcam driver installed, cracked and patched versions of Windows, as well as certain system errors, can cause the default program to become unusable.

That is where Camera Alternative comes into play, as it is a simplified version of your system's default webcam app.

There isn't much to say about this tool, other than it can be used to record everything the camera cand capture, either in image or video form, and that you can control the flash in case of recording in the dark.

There are no filters, effects, or adjustments that can be used to enhance the image in any way, which make the app extremely lightweight both regarding processor use and disk size.

All images and videos recorded via the app are automatically uploaded to whatever OneDrive account the PC may be connected at the moment, which helps free up your local storage's disk space.

However, it was noticed that if you attempt to save a photo or video without OneDrive running in the background, you will be presented with an error message.

Photos and videos can also be shared directly from this tool on Email, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

The default webcam app that Windows comes installed with offers far more features than Camera Alternative does, but if for whichever reason it is unavailable, you can rest assured that this tool will do its job.

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