SnagIt is one of the most popular tools for capturing, editing and sending snapshots of your computer's screen. Similarly, Camtasia Studio is also a popular and powerful app coming from the same developer as SnagIt that makes it possible for you to video-record your on-screen activity.

Therefore, it is safe to say that working with both of them in parallel enables you to thoroughly document your screen activity and create comprehensive video tutorials.

Making the transition between these two applications a lot smoother comes Camtasia Studio Output, which, despite its name, it is actually a SnagIt plugin. In a few words, this plugin makes it simple for you to send captured screenshots from SnagIT directly to Camtasia Studio without having to jump from one app to the other.

To install Camtasia Studio Output, you first need to make sure that SnagIt is properly installed and is actively running on your system. Subsequent to its straightforward installation (only requires you to double-click it) and upon relaunching SnagIt, the plugin is smoothly integrated within the app's ribbon toolbar.

Evidently, in order to take advantage of what Camtasia Studio Output has to offer, you also need to make sure that Camtasia Studio is installed on your computer.

From this point onwards, its business as usual with SnagIt, as you only need to click the plugin's icon in order to send screenshots to Camtasia Studio.

You should also know that the plugin comes with a minimalist and compact Options window that allows you choose the output destination for your screenshots.

Taking all things into consideration, Camtasia Studio Output is a small and useful SnagIt plug-in that helps users work more efficiently with SnagIt and Camtasia, which are both great apps for recording on-screen activity.