When presenting a project or a mockup to your customers, you are only interested in previewing the pages and not in editing the content. In such circumstances, having a dedicated viewing application is easier rather than loading the original editor with all its functions.

Designed for Canvas X, Canvas X GIS, and Canvas Draw projects, the Canvas Viewer allows the convenient previewing of your work on any Windows PC. Not only that, but it is much easier to deploy and manage than the aforementioned editors.

The idea behind Canvas Viewer is to allow the quick previewing of a project previously created in Canvas X, Canvas X GIS, or Canvas Draw. With its help, you can showcase your designs in an easy manner, while the presentation mode displays pages as a slideshow, with seamless transition effects.

To facilitate project browsing, Canvas Viewer features complete page navigation options, with adjustable preview size. Not only that, but you can also jump to a specific page and toggle various layers active, flip pages and slides, and move around to see more or less of a page.

Additionally, you can toggle grids, guides, margins, and text boxes active, choose to view or hide spelling errors and page breaks.

The zooming controls enable you to closely examine specific areas of each page together with your audience, be them your team or your customer.

The selection tool allows you to manage objects in your design much easier, while the built-in copy-paste functions handle complex vector objects and images in a special manner, creating presets fit for Microsoft Office documents (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint).

Alternatively, you can print the entire blueprint or pages from it directly with Canvas Viewer.

What you need to remember about Canvas Viewer is that it is not an editor, but a viewer. In other words, it only allows you to open and explore Canvas projects and blueprints. You will need Canvas X, Canvas X GIS or Canvas Draw to make changes to your design