Capture is a simple but highly effective way to record all on screen desktop activity and output the result to a Macromedia Flash SWF Movie! Capture can silently record everything that occurs on your screen including mouse movement, clicks, dialog boxes, web pages - in fact, absolutely everything that is drawn to screen will be captured! Furthermore, Capture can even record system audio or narration during a capture session!

Using Capture is extremely simple. You can create a new project with ease and choose to screen-capture at fullscreen, custom size, or even select a specific application!

Customize recording options and begin creating your screen captures and training material within seconds. Capture is the ideal solution for creating product training movies, elearning material, corporate presentations and online tutorials! Actions speak louder than words, and with Capture, your actions literally do come to life!


■ Pentium 3 400mhz or higher

■ 128mb RAM or higher

■ 500mb Free Hard Disk Space

■ Output to Flash Version 5/6