We all know there are times when you need to capture important information from the screen and keep it for later usage. Capture View is a software application designed to help you accomplish this task and has many more features available.

Whether you are an experienced user or a beginner, the screen capturing capabilities of this program can come in handy. You can easily capture the desired portion of the screen by placing the main window over the area and clicking on "Capture". There's also support for sound notifications. The tool offers support for multiple capturing modes: various screens, webpages, custom slides and changing the background of the captured image.

Transparent and semi-transparent effects can be added to the background and image. If you require, the captured image can invert the image color, use white on black or just black effects, to give the captured images an old photograph look. You may also make use of special effects, such as white on black, black, and invert the image color.

Moreover, to make everything run automatically, just set a timed capture with a custom delay in seconds. Whenever the main window gets in the way you can hide it away to the system tray with a few simple mouse clicks, continue capturing your favorite data. Additionally, with the slideshow tool you can view the captured images in the selected format. From this area you can save particular images, play the entire slideshow or save to DSS file format.

This tool also displays values like width, height, rotation and resolution. All the captured images can be viewed in the "Slide Strip" box along with number of items and user rating for each picture. The program can save images to JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, BMP, WMF or ICON file format. Furthermore, with the help of the HUD option you can capture a selection of the display or use multiple ones to extract the desired items from the screen or application.

Overall, Capture View is a handy utility with enhanced capturing features great for users who want to record important screen and app information in multiple formats.