After a hard day of work, we all imagine what it would be like to just sit around, do nothing, and bask in the Carribean sun.

While not everyone can afford a vacation there, Caribbean Islands 3D Screensaver helps bring some of that feeling to your home monitor so that you can enjoy it at your leisure.

The app 's approach to showing off a landscape is unique as it is filmed in a way that makes you think the camera is half under water,

The land above is well made with lush green forests, jagged white rocks, tourist villages and the occasional boat or jet ski that makes you feel like everyone else is on vacation along with you.

The underwater part is an even greater visual treat, as the corals are nicely rendered in 3D with realistic looking textures.The water is of the highest quality as it boasts fluid animations, realistic reflections, and a great looking underwater light dispersion.

The wildlife inhabiting the coral reef is another nice element as the various species of colorful fish and sharks take you on a virtual diving session in the Carribean,

Along with the visuals, there's also the lighthearted soundtrack you typically associate with tropical paradises that complete the whole Carribean experience.

Despite all the water and 3D rendered objects that appear on the screen at once, the app performs very well from an FPS point of view in both animated wallpaper and screensaver mode

However, for those of you who use older systems but would like to run this app, you'll be glad to know that several audio and visual features can be adjusted or disabled to ensure you always have a smooth experience.

Caribbean Islands 3D Screensaver manages to impress with both visuals and an audio soundtrack that will make you think about visiting an actual tropical island as soon as possible.

This makes it an excellent app to have for anyone who likes to spend their vacation in style.