carillon is a lightweight VST plugin developed specifically for helping tweak the sound with the aid of a chime synthesizer. The audio plugin features chorus and reverb modules from padawan (a VST plugin which acts like a pad synthesizer for delivering fresh sound notes).

It can be deployed on all Windows versions out there, provided that you have a VST host present on the target computer.

A help manual is included in the package and includes short descriptions about the audio plugin’s capabilities. The GUI looks clean and intuitive. It integrates several handy buttons for helping you tweak the audio effects according to your liking.

The audio effects are organized with the aid of three categories, namely ‘Chimes,’ ‘Chorus,’ and ‘Reverb.’ Each of the aforementioned audio items comes with its own set of configuration options so you can alter the sound in detail.

When it comes to ‘Chimes,’ you are allowed to tweak several audio aspects, like strike, metal, length, ring, and loudness. ‘Chorus’ parameters may be altered in terms of amount, rate, depth, and delay, while the ‘Reverb’ ones can be adjusted by modifying the amount, size, wide, and damp. You can take carillon for a test and see what it can do for you.