There are many users who want to have quick access to their favorite TV programs via an Internet connection, so this need spawned many applications that claim to offer the best way of watching movies, sports or TV shows online.

Among the many utilities that were designed to bring at your fingertips a plethora of networks and TV stations, Catch Up TV comes with an original approach to offer entertainment with a couple of clicks.

The first thing you will notice when running this program for the first time is the fact that the main window occupies the whole visible area. More so, the logos for each channel supported by this software seem to be arranged in order, but this is only to a certain point, because the apparent alphabetical grouping is no longer preserved after a couple of rows.

Without offering the possibility to resize the GUI, Catch Up TV, seems a bit clumsy and not as easy to use as it could have been if only it had the channel and service list set in order.

If you were under the impression that when clicking on any of the logos the streaming will begin momentarily, you are in for a surprise.

With a bit of luck you will select one of the paths which lead to the broadcast page, but most of them are simple links to the homepage of the listed stations.

There is one feature you might find useful, namely the clock displayed on the upper left side of Catch Up TV's main window.

All in all, this software solution is far from what it pretends to be, so it can only be useful for those who are looking for a fast means of accessing the websites of some well-known TV networks.