Gamers and users who require to determine the performance of their PCs might be seeking for a proven solution for testing the capabilities of their computers. Catzila promises to offer a consistent solution for such issues, by providing a comprehensive set of tests that are aimed at assessing the performance of PCs. It will offer users multiple predefined tests as well as customizable settings for achieving the preferred test.

The application comes packed with a stylish interface that is fairly pleasant to the eye and might be appreciated by many users. In its dim layout, one will find all the necessary tools for running PC benchmark tests, laid out in a thoughtful array.

Novice users might be happy to know that running the actual testing process is straightforward and all that one needs to do is select the preferred resolution for the test. Afterwards, the application will run the tests automatically. However, the testing sequence cannot be paused, but only stopped and re-run.

The main test is comprised of several sub-tests, which are run in sequential order during the benchmarking process. The application offers some predefined profiles for testing and people can select one of the following: 576p, 720p, 1080p, 1440p or 4K. Experienced users can rest assured, as the application also offers a custom testing mode, where they can define their own parameters.

In addition to the included testing footage, the application also offers the options to test the PCs performance in several games. People will be able to select from a wide range of popular games and the application will perform the corresponding test. Nevertheless, after the results are displayed, users will be able to upload the results to their Catzilla account, but they will not have any options for exporting them to external formats.

This application will provide an impressive array of performance tests that can be run in order to determine a PC’s capabilities. Users will be able to select from several predefined testing profiles and the utility will also provide a custom mode for demanding users. Nonetheless, in spite of its powerful testing tools and well established tests, the application could have also included some exporting features for the testing results.