CBackup HE is a useful and powerful backup utility that gives you the possibility to back up your servers, computers or network and which comes with many features.


■ 15 days trial

Here are some key features of "CBackup HE":

■ Flexibility

■ Onscreen log with option of saving the log in a file for later viewing

■ Independent backup sessions so you can run multiple backup sessions at once

■ Chronological or incremental backups

■ Imports FBKC files from the Cbackup Standard freeware version

■ Capable of backing up over a Network

■ Compression

■ BOX viewer for viewing of compressed files

■ Search within compressed files for files/folders

■ Data integrity check

■ BOX viewer available as freeware so you can uncompress you data from anywhere

■ Scheduling

■ Schedule on the Global timer or independently

■ Built-in independent timer

■ Schedules daily, weekly, monthly, or one-time only.

■ Completely automated backup capabilities

■ Add New Target Wizard walks you through the scheduling of new targets

■ Easy to use Help

■ Step by step procedures

■ Simple, easy to read, and understand

■ All wizards and dialog boxes have help

■ Over 50 pictures to show exactly what is described

■ Glossary of Terms for the technical words

■ Reliability

■ Memory controlled to avoid memory "hogging"

■ Multi-threaded to avoid computer lagging

■ File system check to avoid backup interruption