CBackupper is one of those handy tools we all need, especially given the modern times when everyone accumulates large packages of data. The service and its dedicated desktop client provide cloud storage and easy backup.

This service is affordable compared to other offers you would find on the market. CBackupper allows you to back up your files, and add new ones to your existing storage account, in manual or automatic sessions. You can access your data from different devices or you can back up data from another cloud, without having to download and re-upload the data.

With this application, you can easily upload your files and even perform automatic backups. Probably one of the most important traits of this program is the fact that you own your data. Once uploaded, your files are securely kept in the cloud. The service is GDPR compliant and you are the only person who has access to the data you upload.

The authentication method used to access your data is OAuth. Also, the files you upload are going to be encrypted using the 256-bit AES, a symmetric algorithm that uses the same key for both the encryption and the decryption processes.

In order to download your data after upload, you can restore your files with just a couple of clicks. Plus, the service manages to connect clouds or multiple accounts from the same service, if needed. As such, the saved free space from other accounts can be combined into a bigger storage hub.

All things considered, CBackupper is a modern client for backing up your files, synchronizing data, accessing your storage account(s), or performing cloud-to-cloud data transfers. The upload process is done easily and fast. At the same time, you get a lot of storage capacity for affordable prices.