Unlike the standard types of digital publications reading comic books often requires special programs. CBR (Comic Book Reader) is designed as a simple utility for opening comic book files stored in specific libraries (CBR, CBZ, CBZD).

Installing the program is an easy job that can be completed with little effort by simply following the instructions on the screen.

The interface should not give too much trouble, either. The elements composing it are neatly organized so that you can easily see the files in a library together with details like size, page count and rating.

However, looks may not be appealing to all users at a first glance; but this can be fixed by taking a gander at the documentation of the application.

Any of them can be opened and read in full screen for a more immersive experience. The support for tabs enables opening multiple files at the same time while the table of contents section allows easy navigation through the sections/chapters of the book.

Creating a library is far from being a tough task and it can help you organize the digital publications. As such entire comic book collections can be placed in the same library, which can be enriched with each released issue.

Customizing CBR offers the possibility to associate supported files with the program so that they can be deployed in a more comfortable way regardless of their location on the disk.

There is also a converter available, which permits turning one of the supported formats into another for compatibility with other readers or simply for compressing it.

CBR (Comic Book Reader) is not too difficult to work with once you learn the ropes. There are options for adjusting how the books are displayed and the conversion utility ensures wider compatibility.