The CD 2 MP3 Ripper application was designed to help you rip audio CD tracks and save as MP3 files. Convert audio CD tracks to disk to allow placement within your MP3 player, create a MP3 album via the audio editor (eliminating the songs not wanted) or create mix and match audio to burn on CD-R.

General Usage:

- Insert the Audio CD into the CD Drive - the ripper will refresh and display the tracks - if not, click to Refresh the CD

- Select where to place the ripped files via the "Target Path" selection button.

- Select the tracks wanted to rip.

- Click the "Rip" button" and sit back and watch the action! Your ripped files will reside in the Target folder you have selected.


- When using the "CD 2 MP3 Ripper": if you are connected to the iNet you have the option of connecting the a free data base that will "read" the CD and replace the Track number with the actual track names (i.e the song title). To do so - click the REFRESH button to refresh the track list as well as to activate the "Retrieve album info" button - after this button is active - click it and wait for it to retrieve the info (if any). This will rename the track number with the track song name(s).

- It is always best to try to get the "album info" as the ripper will then rip and name the tracks as the song title as well as place the MP3 ID tags within the ripped file.