Creating cases and labels for CDs and DVDs can be done with a regular editing software, but for more professional looking results specific applications are required.

CD and DVD Jewel Case and Label Creator has been designed for this sort of projects and it works by integrating itself in Microsoft’s Word application as an add-on; keep in mind that the application may work only with older versions of the module, having no effect on the latest ones.

Installing the product runs smoothly if the Microsoft product is available on the system, otherwise some errors occur and the application cannot be used.

What the program does is integrate a set of templates in Word, which are accessible when creating a new file. These cover various standards and can be further modified in order to suit your needs.

Much of the editing abilities available for customizing the templates belong to Microsoft Word but there are some options that can help in the process and the Office component has nothing to do with them.

Among them is CD Info Extractor, a tool that can retrieve details about the tracks available in Audio CDs. As such, the project can be completed faster as information is automatically inserted.

The utility offers the possibility to select the type of information that should be extracted, and this includes a wide selection, genre, bitrate, filename and notes being among the options.

Another useful tool is called CD File Lister and its purpose is to list the names of the entries on the CD.

The application is not difficult to use but it may not be compatible with all versions of Microsoft Word. Also, during our tests it happened for some files not to be downloaded.

Other than this, the program should offer a pretty basic set of options for creating average jewel cases and labels.