Cd Autoplay Gen is a program that will autoplay any CD inserted in the


Cd Autoplay Gen works in 2 modes

Features of one of the modes are

■ Demo Video which shows how to create Menus.

■ Uses very less System Resources as compared to other Autorun makers.

■ Independently placed buttons(called Menu Spot)

■ Tool Tip Text and rollover Image for buttons.

■ Rollover sound for buttons.

■ Button Click Sound.

■ Button Actions

You can set the buttons to do any number of things including:

■ Open a file in the Users viewer.

■ Start any program or open any file.

■ Open a directory in MS Windows Explorer.

■ Open an Internet Site in the Users browser.

■ Open a pre-defined addressed email.

■ Open an mp3 playlist to autoplay an mp3 Cd normally not possible.

■ Open any sound or video file etc.

■ Do no action.

■ Exit the application.

In additon desired Cd icon and Cd text that will appear on the menu and a sound file can be specified that will be played when the Cd is inserted.

And many more features which cannot be expressed here. Just try it out.


■ 15 executions in trial version