Do you have many CD burned by yourself? Hadn't you made detailed table of contents or writing explanation for these CD?After a long time,when you looking for a specific document or music file in these CDs,you will feel it is too troublesome to find it,because you have to put the CD to CD-Rom driver and then browse it one by one! It really was too trouble!

Maybe you are collector.You collect many music CDs.They are your favorites.Do you want to make many beautiful covers for them?Unique and belongs to yourself.But up to now ,you didn't come into contact with a fit software.

Did you often make family video? Are you willing to make video tape to CD? Maybe you will present the CD to your kin or your bosom friend. But when you are going to show the CD,you find that you did not make a larruping cover for it...

These minor matters although are small, it always causes us to feel the minor defect in something otherwise perfect actually. When a splendid CD shows in front of the people, if it does not have a unforgettable cover, out of question, it also is unable to attract people's attention, it is unable to give us a profound first impression.That is a how regretable matter!

But the present, you did not to worry aboutthese trivialities again, CD Cover Kit May solve these problems for you!

CD Cover Kit is a useful, cool and reliable software which allows you to create CD or DVD cover in the present world. It not only can generate the catalog of the files in tne CD ,but also you can add on the description explanation for these files. It makes you can distinguish these files what purpose it is to use accurately after a long time.

Use CD Cover Kit, you also can export the catalog and the description to text document (*.txt), they could be openned or edited by any kind of writing edition software (for example MS Word);

Use CD Cover Kit, you can list your favorite mp3 files in cover with your favorite picture as bachgroud,and print it.

You even use your own digital photo as bakgroud of the cover,make your individuality music album to present it to your kin and your friend.

It is too simply! Only simply 5 steps can you make a CD cover belongs to yourself. Whether it is CD,VCD,DVD or small business card CD,CD Cover Kit can make an accurate, practical and the colorful cover,simply and rapidly!

The particular zoom not distorted reproduce by pantograph technology may let the aspect which you enlarges with wishes fulfilled or reduces you to design, but does not need to worry reproduce by pantograph writing is whether clear as before.