Although these days most users have made the transition to storage devices such as Flash or SSD drives, the CD environment is still in use. However, with time, comes irreparable damage to the data stored on such disks and recovering it can be a difficult task. CD Data Rescue will offer people a tool for regaining access to their data stored on damaged CDs, by employing several recovery features.

The application comes packed with a minimalist interface that features an old design that remembers of  applications that used to run on Windows XP or earlier. It boasts only buttons and no menus and all of its tools are carrying a sharp, almost unfinished like design that at first, might put off users.

Right after launching the application, people will be greeted with a CD selection wizard that will assist them in detecting the inserted CD. Once the storage environment has been established, users will be able to access the files that are available for recovery, from the application’s main interface.

In an attempt to allow users to define the recovery process characteristics, the application will allow them to select the recovery type and the consistency of the threshold check. However, it will not automatically determine the state of the damaged CD and it will require of users to make their own assessment and select the appropriate rescue settings.

Novice users might appreciate the fact that CD Data Rescue’s interface provides a button for easily resetting all the adjustments made so far. Access to the internal documentation is also provided and one will have no trouble in finding the required information.

For people who require a tool for regaining access to their data stored on damaged CDs, this application could be a viable choice. It will provide them with several recovery methods, each with customizable parameters and output location. However, users will have to assess the CDs state empirically in order to choose the suitable recovery method, as the application will not determine it automatically.