WISCO CD Menu Builder makes creation of autorun/autoplay CD-ROM Menu projects quick and simple. Our software makes it easy to create a standardized look for all company CDs with an easy-to-use interface.

The optional HTML interface provides complete customization of the end-user interface with clickable links, graphics, and menu options. The end-user interface does not require the use a web browser.

WISCO CD Menu Builder creates professional royalty-free autorun (auto-play) CD-ROM menu projects which can be used to launch other programs, training tutorials, presentations, (CBT) computer based training applications, slide shows, brochures, CD Business cards, and ebooks. Your imagination is your only limitation.

CD Menu Builder is designed to create all settings you need to make a project. You have complete control of your project, including the project colors, layout, text, opening sounds, graphics, and functionality.

The menu selections, clickable buttons and graphics, and HTML links can start other programs (like installers, demos, and help files) and run many internal commands that can verify and change Windows internal settings.

The WISCO CD Menu Builder program gives you a choice of three interfaces. Whichever interface you choose for your project, WISCO CD Menu Builder will create a professional, personalized presentation for your products and content.

The Button Interface can display up to five menu choices, five clickable buttons, each with its own icon, text, fly over text, and command activity. It is best used for projects that have very few actions, or where you want a simple set of choices for your end-users.

The Browser Interface is totally free-form. You create the HTML pages to look any way you want, with no limit on the number of links or graphics the end-user can click.

Links can go to other pages stored on the CD, web URLs, or they can have the same functionality as the button and menu choices in the Button Interface. Because this interface is completely HTML-based, you have quite a lot of freedom to make it look and act the way you want it to.

The Slide Show Interface is used to show BMP and JPEG graphic files on an HTML page. Sound files can be played, and text can be displayed with each graphic. The length of time each page is displayed can also be controlled.


■ reminder screen

■ 30 day limitation