CD-R Verifier is a small application that allows you to compare the contents of a CD or DVD and verify changes. The tool supports various types of discs, including Blu-rays and can come in handy for checking if the disc matches the required data. For instance, you can verify the manufacturer or the release date.

CD-R Verifier can read the disc inserted in the dedicated drive, then verify its signature and compare it to the default string. The signature includes information regarding the volume label, directory structure and file contents. Similar to a hash, the disc signature is altered if you make even the smallest change in the disc’s contents.

The tool can play a custom sound if the disc data matches the data you provide, as well as if the verification process fails. The confirmation process sound can be repeatedly played, at given time intervals and you may also set the image file padding.

CD-R Verifier can only verify one disc at a time since it features single drive capability. Therefore, if your computer is equipped with several disc drives, the program can detect them and requires you to select the one you wish to analyze. The process is fast and the program can display the duration of the analysis in its interface.

The program can eject the disc when the verification is finished, leaving only the result of the process displayed on the screen. Moreover, you can set it to run in compatibility mode and ignore the trailing sectors containing binary zeros.

CD-R Verifier features a straightforward GUI, but it can also be run from Command Line or a batch file. Moreover, you can call its functions through a particular script, using the preferred programming language. Visual Basic and Windows Power Shell are examples of the supported languages.