CDDVD Analyse is a powerful and easy-to-use tool that can analyse the compact disc, including the CD-R,CD-RW,DVD-R,DVD-RW,DVD+R,DVD+RW,DVD-ROM, it support the device which inlcude CDROM,CDROM-RW,DVDROM,DVDROM-RW,DVDROM+R,DVDROM+RW,DVDROM.

CDDVD Analyse can analyse international ISO9660UDF standard volume and file system in the compact disc. All of structure about DATA CD,AUDIO CD, MIX MODE, CD EXTRA, MULTISESSION CD can be show to users, Include the contents which can not be display in the windows explore.

It can analyse each sector data in the tracks, Table of Contents and Volumn Information , also can save sector data and files and folder data to hard disc.

Here are some key features of "CD DVD Analyse":

· You can select the CD-ROM device or image file(*.iso,*.img,*.nrg,*.vcd,etc.), after select the CD-ROM, user can know the struct in the compact disc or image files, eachsession and each data track or audio track.

· User can look infomation in the each track .If the track is data track, filescan be show in the file list at right of the main window. If the track is audio track, CDTEXT about the audio track can be show .

· If select one data track, press the save button ,you can save all files in this track to your hard disk, if select folder in one data track, you can save all files in this folder, and if you select file in the file list, press the save button to save the file.

· If the track is audio track , you can save the audio to wave file(*.wav).