CE Compiler is a powerful, yet intuitive source code compiler and minification utility that can be used with Javascript, CSS, HTML and XML files on your computer to optimize code and reduce execution time.

Relying on the power of Google's Closure Compiler, HTML Compressor and Yahoo's YUI Compressor, this simple tool is capable of removing unnecessary code areas, while also checking syntax and references, all to improve project efficiency.

With the help of CE Compiler you can parse your Javascript and CSS files so as to rewrite them in a compressed form, without additional comments, whitespaces and other unneeded characters, all without affecting the code's functionality.

The integrated Javascript compiler borrows features from the Closure Compiler and the YUI Compressor, enabling you to minify your code. Additional options allow you to preserve semicolons, disable micro optimizations, set the compilation level and activate debugging options.

The CSS Minifier can be used for processing CSS code, with options for allowing unrecognized functions and properties, create exclusion lists for classes you don't want renamed and vendor modification possibilities.

There are a wide range of code minification settings that you can choose from for HTML processing. The application enables you to preserve comments, spaces, line breaks or tags, remove certain attributes and values or even define a custom rule using regular expressions.

CE Compiler comprises the functionality of three powerful open-source utilities into a single application, enabling programmers to compress, obfuscate and compile their source code from a user-friendly working environment. With its help you can clean your source code, with obvious consequences regarding the execution time and application speed.