Even if your computer is protected by an antivirus security app, you still need to find a utility that monitors your network traffic and block all malicious packets.

CellSecurity is one of the solutions you can turn to, as it can be configured to meet your expectations, as accurately as you choose.

Unlike some other similar tools, you can start customizing the functions of CellSecurity while installing it on your PC, thus making sure that it can be run efficiently right after installation.

However, if you do not want to spend the time to personalize its settings just yet, you can still do it at a later time, by accessing the main window. The overall layout of the app is organized in tabs and each stores relevant functions.

The main window of CellSecurity makes it easy for you to keep an eye on all the allowed, blocked or pending connections on your computer. It should be mentioned that you can create custom profiles suitable for work environments, home or parental control.

You can thoroughly control the apps, ports, protocols and network interfaces that are allowed or blocked, as well as prevent connections from certain countries. You also get to limit LAN connections as you see fit so that no data can get within your network unless you approved it first.

Another nifty function of CellSecurity is that you can review all the programs that are currently running, and you can block them manually, either permanently or for 15 minutes.

Also, you can define IP ranges that can be either allowed or blocked, no matter if they are IPv4 or IPv6.

To wrap it up, CellSecurity can prove to be the extra security layer you were looking for to increase the efficiency of your antivirus product. You simply need to take the time to go through its features and adjust them to your needs.