Managing a business or enterprise through emails can be a challenging task, especially when dealing with holidays, weekends, or out-of-office days. This is where specialized solutions, such as Office 365 offer dedicated features that address such potential issues.

Therefore, configuring and defining replies and their schedule for out-of-office days can be performed in great detail. However, when wanting to make the entire process more efficient, you will require specialized tools, such as CentralOOF for Office 365.

This application was created with the sole purpose of offering you the means to toggle the status of the out-of-office auto-replies in Office 365 mailboxes, as well as modify their corresponding parameters.

To that end, you will be able to either disable, enable, or schedule the auto-replies, as well as change the corresponding settings for several mailbox types: user, shared, room, or equipment. Users need to ensure that the Exchange online management module is installed, and the developer has provided a detailed tutorial here. Furthermore, mailboxes that are to be targeted by the app can be checked using the provided system.

Last but not least, all corrections need to be saved using the Exchange Online PowerShell.