Cephei Contact Manager is an intuitive and useful application designed to offer an easy way to add and manage personal and work-related contact information, schedule important appointments, as well as create to-do lists and make calls.

The tool is wrapped in a well-organized and intuitive layout that varies from a function to another. They do share the catalog, notes, errands, projects and to-do panels, which are distributed evenly. When you run the app for the first time, you have to input your company's details, such as general and trading names, address, country, phone number, email and website if it's the case.

You have the option to import your contacts only from Skype and Outlook, as well as repair, compact, back up and restore the database. It would've been a good addition if the program provided a choice to import from Google and Yahoo! as well.

When entering a new record, you are asked to choose if the person is an individual or a company. Those two share similar fields, such as full name, assigned group (e.g. family, bank, employee, client, patient, partner), firm and job title, as well as various addresses , phone numbers and emails. Same requirements are needed when inserting a new consultant with the addition of the work hours for each day.

What really comes in handy is that based on the Skype number and email you can easily call and message the currently selected person, using Skype and the predefined email provider as main tools. To create a new project you have to enter a fitting name, choose the status (awarded, closed, in progress, pending), setting, start and end time, and the allocated budget.

The app lets you plan upcoming appointments by inputting the subject title, pick the contact and consultant names, the activity if necessary, time, along with recurrence, status and a short description. Unfortunately, the note editor is plain and could have come with a few formatting and editing elements to customize them the way you want.

Taking everything into account, Cephei Contact Manager is a useful and user-friendly utility that offers a simple method to enter, organize and handle different information about clients, family, friends or co-workers, as well as schedule meetings with them and attach notes to specific individuals.