Even though your screen may not be home to any sensitive info, having someone else peek at what you are working on is definitely annoying.

There are, however, software solutions that can reduce the chances of this happening, with an example in this regard being Chameleon, which can easily hide any of your open windows so that you alone know about them.

At first interaction with the program, you are met with a simplistic user interface that you should effortlessly figure out, no matter if you are a techie or not.

The application’s feature set is rather limited, but it serves its purpose quite well. To be more specific, what the software utility does is help you make specific windows invisible to people coming near your screen, all by pressing a hotkey.

The first thing you need to do is take a look at a list of currently open windows. At this point, you can customize the group of applications that you can easily camouflage whenever you deem it necessary. Expanding it can be done by clicking the right arrow whereas the left one enables you to remove items.

You can easily inspect all the windows you want to control in one of the dedicated panels on the right, with the mention that hiding or revealing them is possible by pressing CTRL+WIN.

The transparency of your windows can also be fine-tuned using a slider bar or the AltGr+UP and the AltGr+DOWN key combinations. Needless to say, resetting all the transparency settings can be done with a click of the mouse.

Other than that, you should know that the software utility allows you to differentiate between windows you want to be closed. In other words, you can select the “Link all child” option so that all windows of a specific process inherit the transparency settings you indicated or work with "Unlinked Child" otherwise.

All in all, Chameleon is a responsive software utility whose purpose is to make sure you can instantly hide windows you don’t want other people to glimpse into, without fearing data loss. While it does not come with many customizable settings, its feature set is easy to get accustomed to, with no malfunctions being experienced during our tests.