Change MAC Address is a reliable software that enables you to bypass certain network filters, when browsing the Internet through a private network. The software allows you to use a different code and thus hide your computer’s real MAC address from hackers, ISP, in WiFi networks or online games.

Change MAC Address is lightweight, easy to use and capable to change your MAC address with one click. This is a reliable safety measure that you can take against anyone who wishes to track your Internet activity. MAC stands for media access control and it is a unique identifier that is assigned to networks for communication.

The MAC address is a security indicator, since it determines a particular physical area of a network, which makes your computer identifiable and traceable. This is why changing your MAC address makes you more difficult to locate and track. You can use the Change MAC Address tool to protect your online privacy and avoid hackers’ attacks.

Change MAC Address displays two windows, one indicating your default MAC code and the other containing randomly generated addresses. The two buttons between the boxes allow you to generate a series of sequences in the same format as your MAC address. You may select either of them and set it as your current address.

The headers corresponding to the two columns display the default MAC address, as well as the current one. You may change the current address at any time you wish and use it instantly.

The MAC code can be used to identify the current position of a specific device, anywhere on the globe, as well as to track their online activity. This technology is widely used by providers of WiFi, in shopping centers, airports and other such locations. However, the technology is available to hackers as well, which might endanger your privacy and safety. Change MAC Address is a simple tool that can help you avoid such risks.