The file manager in Windows does the job, and its integrated search allows you to quickly find a folder when needed. But how much easier would it be to visually identify folders based on their icon, instead of browsing through dozens of yellow directories? Not to mention that new icons give a fresh new look to your Explorer, making it livelier and more entertaining.

Changing the icon of a folder is not the challenge here, but finding icon collections that allow smart folder organization is. Change My Folder Icon is a lightweight application that brings you interesting icon sets to help you customize your desktop and keep your folders organized.

Change My Folder Icon seamlessly integrated into Windows Explorer and adds a new item in the context menu, allowing you to quickly change the icon of a folder. In other words, you must simply right-click on a folder to access the “Change My Folder Icon” option. Evidently, the new item in the context menu is only available for directories.

The main window of Change My Folder Icon allows you to browse predefined icon sets that this application provides. The collection includes letter icons, month icons, single color icons, common work-related icons, work in progress icons, priority-based and status-based ones.

The interesting thing is that you can also add your own icons to the list. To do so, you must create a subfolder in the “Icon-General” folder, found on the drive where Change My Folder Icon is installed. Once you do so, your new custom icons are displayed in the main window of the application when changing the icon of a directory.

Change My Folder Icon is definitely not a revolutionary application or one that you cannot live without. It merely facilitates changing a folder’s icon, providing the icon sets you need to organize your work efficiently. It’s not that changing the icon of a folder is easier with Change My Folder Icon, but finding the icon to change it with is. However, what would really come in handy is being able to change icons of multiple folders in a single operation using a themed collection of icons. Now that would be a challenge.