We live in an age where getting as many things done as possible in the least amount of time has become a staple of any business.

With that in mind, it is easy to understand why many of us get flustered by the sheer amount of things that need to be done and the apparent lack of time that comes with them.

Chaos Control is an app that you might consider using in those situations, as it is a highly detailed time organizer meant to help you complete all of your tasks.

While the UI may not be the most visually impressive, it is nonetheless clean and easy-to-read. Considering how this helps you figure out how to use the app faster, it can be considered a big plus.

If you have big projects in mind that may take up a couple of days of your time, then you can start off by creating a project folder with an appropriate name, and that is where the next step.

Once the project folder is created, you can then assign each individual task, along with the basic parameters you'd expect from such an app, such as task starting time, and estimated duration.

No task manager would be complete without something to keep you alert and focused on upcoming tasks, and Chaos Control has this too in the form of a built-in alarm system that triggers whenever a task is overdue, or when another one is supposed to be started.  

Once a task, or project for that matter, has been successfully finished, you have the option of deleting it from your log or keeping everything as a memento.

While Chaos Control is not a substitute for determination, it can certainly help you avoid procrastination and plan out the day ahead of you, allowing you to do far more in less time.

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