Chat Translator for Skype is a lightweight Windows application designed specifically for helping you convert your Skype chat messages to different languages. The tool is able to automatically translate and send messages in foreign languages and translate replies from one language into your own one.

You are welcomed by a clean GUI that embeds only a few configuration settings that you can play with. There’s no support for a help manual but all the features are highly intuitive so you won’t spend too much time tweaking them.

Chat Translator for Skype gives you the possibility to choose the languages used for translating the chat messages. You may select between various options, such as English, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Hindi, French, Chinese or Japanese.

The application allows you to start or stop the translation mode. As soon as it’s activated and enabled in Skype, you can notice a small panel embedded in your conversation window.

You are given the freedom to select the translation languages right from Skype. In addition, several handy buttons help you display only the translation or original text message and translation, as well as stop the process.

Tests have shown that the utility carries out a task pretty quickly. Although it hasn’t been updated for a while we have tested it with a recent version of Skype and the translation process went smoothly and without errors.

All things considered, Chat Translator for Skype offers a simplistic yet efficient software solution for helping you communicate with foreign friends or business partners. If you are looking for advanced features, such as translation confirmation before sending the text, text-to-speech mode when sending and receiving messages, and chat history saving options in both original language and translation, you can check out the Professional version of utility.