Impeccable customer service is one of the prerogatives of a successful business, and it can only be guaranteed by flawless interaction with the client base.

In order to make that possible, straightforward communication channels must be employed, and claims to be precisely that, helping you easily get in touch with your customers and meet all their needs in real time.

Being addressed mainly at businesses trying to improve the user experience they offer in terms of communication, helps them provide support for a multitude of problems via a chat platform they can integrate with your website.

For this purpose, a chat widget needs be added to your site, with the necessary code being provided within the application for easy implementation. Aside from that, users may want to know that Facebook integration is on the feature list as well.

Once you have created an account using a valid email address, you may start chatting with your customers. When someone contacts you, a series of details on their identity is displayed. To be more specific, you can inspect their email address, the duration of their current visit, their IP address, the browser they used to write to you, and more.

Note that the program lets you change the recipient of messages sent by customers as well as explore them based on whom they were assigned to. What’s more, the program lets you indicate how incoming chats are distributed between agents, which should considerably enhance your team's workflow.

As for how you can manage your customers, if the circumstances demand it, you may ban them temporarily or indefinitely, and explore the list of affected users in the “Settings” section.

After an issue was solved and you decide to close the chat, the messages you exchanged are automatically archived, but there is always the option to re-enable them if need be.

On an ending note, is a smart chat platform you can integrate with any website and that you can resort to if you want to offer your clients an intuitive means of reaching out to you. The program works as a chat platform that is both straightforward and responsive, and the chances are its capable feature set would make a difference within your business.