Using keyboard shortcuts is not only one of the best ways to improve productivity, but also reduce the risk of extensive mouse usage-related injuries (such as R.S.I. – Repetitive Syndrome Injury).

With the help of keyboard shortcuts, you can get jobs done a lot faster and easier, improve multitasking, and even increase the precision of various operations (especially in the case of text editing jobs that require a lot of accuracy).

In short, learning the keyboard shortcuts for your daily apps will definitely help you increase your productivity by a lot.

Meet CheatKeys, a straightforward and unobtrusive utility that instantly provides you with a list of all active shortcuts for various popular apps such as Adobe Photoshop, Blender, Google Chrome, Microsoft Visual Studio, OutSystems, Slack, Unity, Visual Studio Code, File Explorer, and the Office bundle.

The app’s interface is clear-cut and pretty modern-looking by most accounts. However, the best feature of CheatKeys is definitely easily the app’s GUI can be activated, or summoned, if you will. To get access to your current app’s shortcuts, simply hold the CTRL key for more than a second.

The usage of the CTRL key is very well-chosen since it’s in a fairly ergonomic position on the keyboard, but it also means that it doesn’t interfere with your work with specific apps since various apps actually have a lot of CTRL+SHIFT+LETTER combos. For example, CTRL+SHIFT+K opens the direct messages menu on Slack. Therefore, by holding down CTRL, you get the list of shortcuts provided by CheatKeys, and you can simply follow up with the rest of the combo.

While not exactly impressive in any meaningful way, CheatKeys is without a doubt a very nice application to have around, especially if you’re new to a certain app and you realize the value of learning keyboard shortcuts and how much time they can actually save you in the long run.