In a day and age where privacy is everything, which is especially exacerbated given the constant advancements in the digital and online realms, it’s no wonder that regulations such as the famous GDPR have risen, targeting the said privacy and offering users a layer of additional protection, in various contexts.

On the topic of privacy and also sensitive data, when dealing with email message scenarios and contexts that involve numerous recipients, be it direct recipients or those in the CC or BCC field, sending unwanted content to either can quickly turn into a big issue. This is exactly what CheckBCC aims to prevent.

Designed specifically in order to perform a check-up when your mailing list contains a particular number of recipients, it will remind you and therefore allow you to make sure that you’re not sending the email content to unwanted recipients.

The Microsoft Outlook add-in features a customizable threshold, which will basically represent the value at which the checkup alert will be prompted. This can be adjusted manually and set to the preferred value. Once enabled, in cases which will involve higher values, the application will offer to hide the recipients’ email addresses by inserting them into the BCC field.