CheckSend is an intuitive and reliable Microsoft Outlook add-in designed to prompt warning windows whenever one of the preset conditions are met. The add-in’s main purpose is to verify the outgoing emails. Thus it can easily notify you when, for instance, the mailto address is blacklisted, if the message indicates an attachment.

CheckSend is designed to analyze the outgoing email and notify you to repair mistakes, omissions or attach files before you send the message out. The add-in allows you to define the conditions, from the Options window: you can define email addresses, key phrases and attachment indicators.

The add-in enables you to manage the parameters from separate tabs, in order to avoid confusion and accidental mistakes. Thus, you can enable/disable the warnings when sending sensitive information to specific recipients, or texts that contain certain keywords. Additionally, it can remind you to attach a file to the email if your message indicates it.

The Address Watcher tab allows you to define the email addresses that trigger a notification when you click the ‘Send’ button in a new message window. Thus, you can create two lists, both of which prompt warning windows. In other words, you can either create black- or white-lists. The conditions apply to emails, tasks, meetings or appointments set with Microsoft Outlook.

The Content Watcher function allows the add-in to prompt a warning whenever it detects one of the key words/phrases in your message. This way, you can avoid sending sensitive information or inappropriate texts to certain recipients. Moreover, you can set specific key phrases, such as ‘See attachment’ that trigger a message reminding you to add the required files to the email.

With CheckSend, you can set alerts and be sure you are not sending emails to the wrong people or unnecessary text to certain recipients. The add-in can easily prompt warning windows, indicating that one of the conditions defined on the ‘black-list’ are met. The add-in does not block email sending, only reminds you of the conditions you imposed.