Hash codes are unique for each file, and even a small modification results in changes in the original checksum. Therefore, a hash comparison is used for checking a file's integrity, as it can reveal potential errors in the analyzed data.

Although it would be convenient for users to have Windows offer checksum viewing capabilities, this is not currently the case. Therefore, a dedicated application is required to generate checksum data and check the integrity of the files you received. Checksome File Hash Tool can carry out both these tasks.

Checksome File Hash Tool is a pretty simple application, designed with a sole purpose in mind: to allow you to view the checksum for a selected file and match it against another hash.

Evidently, before any hash code can be generated, you must browse for the input file. There is a drop-down list within the main window that enables you to choose the checksum type. The application comes with support for multiple hash functions for you to choose from, including MD5, MD4, and variations of SHA.

Once the path of the input file is provided, Checksome File Hash Tool automatically reads and generates the corresponding hash code, which can be copied to the clipboard with the push of a button. A second field enables you to paste a second checksum and, as soon as you do, the application compares it to the first, telling you whether they match or not.

You should be getting a match between the generated hash and the one the file author provides, which means that the original file has not been tampered with or modified in any way.

Checksome File Hash Tool is a valuable tool for any computer user, as it enables them to generate hashes and check data integrity with ease. As a suggestion, it would be great to have Checksome File Hash Tool feature system integration. Generating hashes via the context menu in Windows would be much easier and faster.

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