The business world is full of small documents that help employees go about their daily work. These items, the unsung heroes of small to big organizations, help managers keep in good relations with clients or assist accountants in tallying up assets and liabilities. For anyone who has needed a template creator for invoices, memos, bills, or similar items, Cheque Factory presents itself as a viable solution.

The program features a highly informative wizard that will guide users from the first steps of designing a new memo to the final product. Although, as the name implies, the program is geared towards creating standardized checks, one can create various similar items, such as business notes, greeting cards, memos or even barcodes.

Creating a new file is performed in a four steps process, with guidance from the built-in wizard. The first step involves defining bank information, the currency employed, as well as the orientation of the document.

The second phase of the process is where all the design work is performed. Multiple placeholder fields can be defined, and their position on the prototype document can be adjusted. Besides standard text boxes, users can also insert images in common formats, shapes, lines and even WordArt elements. The background picture can be modified and barcodes of various types can be used.

Once one is satisfied with the layout, data can be loaded. Depending on the users' needs, this step can be optional; however, if specific information needs to be loaded, users can choose multiple sources, including CSVs, FoxPro databases, XLS files and MySQL and Access databases. Output options for the project include JPGs, BMPs and PNGs.

Summing up, Cheque Factory is a great tool for small to mid-size business owners in need of a memos designer.