If you own a modest and medium association, or you have a family business, it's hard to keep track of every payment your clients and providers do and to handle numerous bills for every individual. The Internet is filled with diverse programs that offer more or less complex functions, which take a lot of time to master.

Cheques Management is a comprehensive yet simple-to-use application designed primarily for small and mid-sized companies, and independent businesses, to easily create and organize multiple incoming and outgoing checks for various customers and suppliers.

It lets you search for specific data and neatly arrange the clients, providers, along with accounts and reports. The app is wrapped in a straightforward and intuitive interface that can be used by everyone displays a small window, which, unfortunately, can't be resized. All the features are nicely grouped on each side of the panel.

Unfortunately, the program doesn't come with the option to insert your company details, like name, address, owner and other related info, so you can accurately monitor the transactions and senders. It's recommended before generating a new bill to enter all the necessary contact information about your clients, such as full name, type (customer, supplier), address, city, state, various phone numbers, email, VAT code and optional notes.

If you want to create an outgoing payment, you have to add the signer, beneficiary and bank names, check and account number, date, amount and reason. Similar fields are applied to the outgoing bills as well. The tool lets you handle different bank accounts, which require a few details, such as description, provider and code, number and holders. In addition, you can generate reports based on distinct criteria and print them out. However, you don't have the ability to export them to Microsoft Excel worksheet and CSV file.

The bottom line is that Cheques Management is a handy and user-friendly utility that offers basic options to efficiently add, organize and maintain numerous incoming and outgoing checks to and from multiple customers and suppliers.