CHM EBook Editor is a CHM eBook Created utility that is based on the database and the html template, Fast and Visual.

The html template resources include HTML, JavaScript, CSS, JPG, JPEG, GIF Flash, MIDI, ZIP, RAR, etc. CHM EBook Editor can conveniently import many text documents into a database file, that will facilitate you to collect and to reorganize the information.

You can select a html template for each node, or apply a html template to all nodes. Has selected the different html template, you can browse to the different style web page.

CHM EBook Editor has brought some html templates, and updates or adds the new html template frequently. The possible these templates not to be able to satisfy your requirement, at this time, you can modify the template which we provided, or design some new html templates.

After settings the html template and other options, You can compile the entire database or part database into an attractive CHM eBook. CHM EBook Editor has formidable function but it is practical. CHM EBook Editor will save the time and the money for you or your company.


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