If you are not a fan of heavy traffic and want to avoid a jam, you are probably aware that some specialized applications can provide you with relevant information that might come in handy.

One of the software solutions that can help you achieve quick and efficient results in the situation depicted above is Chop Commute.

Please note that this application comes with a limited plan, which you can extend for free by sharing the program with others, as instructed upon clicking the "Extend your Plan" button.

This application comes with a simple, non-intrusive interface that can be accessed by clicking its dedicated icon in system tray. Given that it runs silently in the tray, it does not interfere with any of your active processes and keeps the CPU usage percentage to a minimum.

It requires no complicated configuration since its purpose is quite simple: providing you with real-time traffic and drive time information regarding your home-work route. More so, no form of local help documentation is provided, which can disconcert a few users that might have a difficult time understanding or operating its controls.

Chop Commute enables you to view the driving time for your work-home or home-work route by displaying it in the Windows System Tray. The information is based on traffic and depending on whether it is light or heavy the time needed to reach your destination will be shorter or longer.

Also, the application's icon changes colors based on the time it takes you to reach home or work. Therefore, you can notice a green icon if the time is rather low, an orange one if it is slightly harder to reach your destination and a red one if it would take you a long time.

In order for this program to provide you with accurate information, you are required to configure a few parameters. Thus, you need to specify a home address and a work one, along with leaving times for both locations.

After you define these settings, you can hit the Refresh button to display the desired information. You can view the driving time on the main screen, but if you minimize the window it is still possible to view the time on the program's tray icon.

All things considered, Chop Commute is a lightweight application that can help you view driving times for your home-work or work-home route based on traffic information. It comes with a non-intrusive interface, packs a handful of intuitive functions, requires no complicated configuration and packs no form of local help documentation.