Knowing to sing or play an instrument does not mean you are a musician. In case you missed one too many music lessons in school worry not, because various application such as ChordPulse give you the possibility to learn the way of music in a fun and interactive way.

Even if you are new to music, no problems get in your way when trying to use the application. Every button and function is cleverly integrated in a good looking interface that lets you quickly accommodate.

Volume sliders are found in the bottom of the main window, each instrument with its own adjustable slider. Additionally, the tempo can also be adjusted either by choosing an exact value from a table or with the help of another slider.

The center area represents your main workspace where you are able to create songs by simple adding musical notes. Pressing a big “Plus” button brings up a table with all available notes as well as tonality.

Hitting the “Play” button does not only let you hear the placed notes, but also an accompaniment that can come in different styles. This makes the application cover a large area of musical taste, as the library contains a lot more than 50 styles.

When you fill up the workspace with notes, worry not, because more pages can be added to lift any limitations. Your work can be saved as a MIDI file and you can also export chords to TXT.

All in all, ChordPulse is your ticket to the music world. It's extremely easy to use and the variety of options put at your disposal leave you experimenting for hours on end. Overall, it is not only a fun application to create music, but also helps you learn a thing or two.