Nothing beats real-life experiences when trying to gain new skills, but since guidance is also highly needed, the closest you can get to learning new concepts in a practical way is by studying tutorials.

For those trying to come up with comprehensive explanations packed in the form of such video and photo tutorials, ChrisPC Screen Recorder is a tool allow them to concentrate strictly on the content they want to pass along.

Before anything else, let’s see what the program’s core capabilities are. Sporting an approachable user interface, the application should enable you to easily record video of any action visible on your screen while also letting you take screenshots.

As for its modus operandi, things are again quite clear-cut. You simply need to click the “Record” or “Screenshot” button, which prompts you with three options. To be more specific, you can record or capture the entire screen, a selected window or a specific area of your desktop.

If you go for the video recording option, an optional countdown will prepare you for the beginning of the session. At the end of the task, however, a video editor is automatically displayed, letting you play your recording as well as trim it and bring it to the desired length.

Now let’s take a look at the program’s “Settings” section, which allows you to make some adjustments so that your project meets your needs. As far as video recording is concerned, you can indicate whether you want the mouse cursor to be visible, as well as the video quality, and FPS. Besides, there is an option allowing you to record what you hear.

As for screen grabs, you can indicate their file format, with three options being at your disposal, namely JPG, PNG, and BMP. Needless to say, the output folder’s location is something that can be changed by the user, as is the case with the filename.

Moreover, the screen grabber boasts goodies such as the possibility of applying watermark text or image, which should protect your copyright.

On an ending note, ChrisPC Screen Recorder is a powerful tool targeting users who want to create tutorials or record gameplay without having their PC’s performance hindered in any way.

What with the program proving responsive during our tests and the possibility of assigning hotkeys to the tasks it can perform, it is a recommendable solution especially if you are in search of a tool that helps you save a lot of time.