Christmas Elf is a fun application especially designed to offer you a bit of extra joy for Christmas and the winter season.

With it you are able to add various types of garland and lights to your desktop, as well as different types of snow animations. Christmas Elf is easy to install and is ready to brighten up your Windows theme right away.

The application allows you to choose between a multitude of lights, both simple and colored, which are displayed around the contour of your screen. A nice thing about them is that they can be set to overlap all your active applications, in order to always have them visible. The same applies to the lights. The latter can also be set to flash in different patterns. You can have them steady on, flash together, chasing, light up in sections or in random mode.

Since you can’t have garlands and Christmas lights without snow, Christmas Elf brings it to your screen. It can animate fluffy, fine or thick snowflakes across your entire screen. Moreover, you get random gushes of wind that carry the flakes in different directions while the application is running. The only thing that seems to be missing is a subtle wind blowing sound.

Depending on your mood, you can set the density of the snowflakes and wind speed. You do however need to be careful with these two options. The algorithms that Christmas Elf uses for the animations can eat up quite a few of your system resources. Depending on the density and wind speed you set, if you have a modest computer configuration, you might not get the smoothness you want from the animations.

In closing, Christmas Elf is indeed a nice little application that can definitely light-up your desktop and bring you some of the joy of winter.