Christmas is one of the most important and awaited events of the year, celebrated in most of the word's countries, some earlier than others. While only Christian religions commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ, many other faiths still opt to celebrate the spirit of Christmas.

We are surrounded by the warmth of our close ones, together with the jolly and festive atmosphere this celebration brings along. If you like to spend most of your time in front of the computer, then Christmas Holiday 3D Screensaver is a good choice. It transfers you in a fairy winter location, which brings that cheery and happy feeling we get during this event. Joyful music and colorful graphics carry the true holiday excitement to your desktop.

The program requires DirectX to work properly and is wrapped in a simplistic and self-explanatory interface that consists of a single pane, where you can enable and edit various options. It provides display and sound controls, and miscellaneous attributes.

To bring the properties panel, simply right-click on the desktop icon and select the " Configure" choice. The preview area doesn't play the screensaver, so you won't be able to view how the gamma level affects the 3D screensaver. However, an alternative is to open it. The app automatically detects the video adapter and offers different display modes to choose from.

From the options area, you can disable the fullscreen antialiasing, exit on mouse gesture and change the camera speed. In addition, it's possible to hide the time and Christmas counter, along with the proper time format and FPS.

What's more, the tool lets you enable the sounds and music and adjust the volume for both, however, there is no option to enter a custom audio file, which narrows the user's ability to personalize the screensaver. All the settings can be easily restored to defaults.

In conclusion, Christmas Holiday 3D Screensaver is a fun and interactive utility, accessible to everyone, which comes with a digital clock and a countdown timer until the next Christmas, as well as display, sound and music properties.