Christmas Link Player is a lightweight and easy to use application designed to play YouTube links in Mozilla Firefox, allowing you to listen to your favorite music for hours, without being interrupted by pesky commercials.

The application provides you with a pre-existing list of Christmas songs and videos from YouTube, enabling you to play the one you want. In addition, it also displays each song's duration in hours, minutes and seconds, useful particularly in the case of condert recordings, that can be quite lengthy.

Christmas Link Player allows you to play a single item on your list, but you also have the 'Play All' feature that lets you listen to all songs, one after the other, and replay them when the programs reaches the last entry.

Moreover, this small utility enables you to add your own links to the playlist, which do not necessarily have to be Christmas-related. You can create extensive lists of YouTube songs and listen to them for hours on end, as Christmas Link Player spares you from having to sit through the ads or constantly having to press the 'Skip Ad' button.

The tool will automatically display the YouTube title as a description, but you have the possibility of modifying that string of text, so as to help you quickly figure out which song is about to play. Additionally, Christmas Link Player lets you remove selected entries from the playlist, sparing you from having to listen to songs you do not like.

Christmas Link Player can prove very useful in work environments, as it allows you to play music continuously, during work hours, and requires no supervision, as it will not stop playing unless you close it.

Christmas Link Player is a simple and fun application that you can use to listen to your favorite music all day, without commercial interruptions or needing to regularly press the play button.