A musical instrument’s sound is actually dictated by frequencies, which are the vibrations of sound produced through interaction. However, an instrument also needs to be tuned for a specific frequency to be emitted, and with specialized applications like Chromatia Tuner you can adjust just about any kind of instrument.

For a lot less effort on your behalf, the application works best with a connected microphone, or even better, plugging the instrument in through dedicated drivers, if possible. Audio input settings are handled from the options menu, with quite the variety of drop-down menus for sample rate, channels, buffer, noise filter, microphone type, and even output device settings.

What makes it an universal tuner is the set of notes, and scales you can use in this regard. The tuning tab gives you the possibility to pick temperament, scale root key, octave stretch, not names, middle C name, master tuning notes, frequencies, and calibration options.

The visual design is pretty intuitive, with a real-time updating display showing the frequency meter, and how much knobs need to be turned in what direction to hit that proper note. You don’t really get to tune according to note range.

Adjusting can only be done automatically, in the sense that a microphone is required. When powered on, you can choose the tracking method, which can either be tone, or beats. Using tones constantly emits a frequency matching the specific note, so you can guide yourself accordingly. On the other hand, beats measurement only emits sound if the instrument is not calibrated.

Additionally, a spectrum can be used to show real-time updating frequency values. Moreover, a report generator helps you track all activities, with the possibility to enable automatic tracking every once in a while, with an option to send data to clipboard.

All things considered, we come to the conclusion that Chromatia Tuner is a powerful universal instrument tuner which is sure to configure your musical tool for the proper setlist. Audio input can be configured for different devices, while detection method, and possibility to choose tune range make this app worth at least a try.