ChromePass Recovery is an intuitive piece of software that can be used to get hold of lost or forgotten Chrome passwords, as long as they're saved in the web browser. It simply accesses the Chrome storage area and shows what's hidden under the masked characters.

Before proceeding any further, you should know that the application is not designed to crack the Google account passwords of someone else but only to recover your own. It's dedicated to users who don't know how to fiddle with the browser built-in settings to reach the passwords manager or who simply don't want to go through the trouble.

Following a speedy setup operation that shouldn't give you any trouble, you're greeted by a simple window with a straightforward look. The tool autodetects the Chrome passwords at startup and shows them in a list, so you don't have to manually trigger any scans.

In addition to the password, you can view the associated username and website. Everything can be saved to a plain text document after indicating the output directory and filename. The default filename includes the time and date of the operation. There are no other options provided by this utility. For example, it's not possible to copy entries to the clipboard.

We haven't come across any compatibility issues with the latest Chrome version in our tests. The tool recovered all keys while having minimal impact on the computer's performance.

All aspects considered, ChromePass Recovery is a simple-to-use application that can display passwords saved within Google Chrome. However, it doesn't bring anything new to the table, especially when taking into account the fact that there are other utilities out there offering the same functionality for free.