In order to measure a gun’s performance, chronographs are used to collect ballistics data, such as a projectile’s speed, impact force and spread. All this data can be imported to a computer and further analyzed, using a software solution such as Chrono Connect.

The application can help you collect ballistics data from chronographs to your computer, so that you may extensively analyze it. You need a chronograph that supports USB connection in order to properly use the program.

Chrono Connect gives you the possibility to interact with a chronograph via USB and collect statistical ballistics information about a gun and its performance. This way, you can analyze a gun based on its characteristics, such as used projectile, bullet velocity, impact force and spread.

Furthermore, you can select a chronograph model and calibration value from the predefined ones, so that you do not have to configure it manually.

The program allows you to select your gun and projectile’s characteristics from a list of built-in models, or add your own to an online database, so that other people may use it. You can select a gun’s type, lookup, make and model, as well as a projectile’s caliber and weight.

This heavily affects the ballistics data collected and projectile analysis. For instance, a rifle delivers a high-velocity projectile with medium spread and impact force, compared to a shotgun or handgun, which have a significantly smaller range, although the shotgun has a wide range of projectile distribution.

As a conclusion, Chrono Connect provides you with advanced means of collecting ballistics information from various chronographs, allowing you to analyze it and establish a gun’s overall performance and stability, as well as those of the projectile it uses.