With Church Secretary you can manage a church by easily updating and recording information about members, attendance or contributions.

You can easily understand how the program works, the appearance being quite intuitive and uncluttered, allowing you this way to navigate through the program's functions with ease.

You can customize the way the program looks by choosing one of the 30 available skins. Also, you can move or hide panels that you don't find necessary. Once hidden, they can be easily brought back from from the View menu.

In order to maintain your attention on the workspace, the program allows multiple tabs to be open. This way, you can concentrate to a window of the program.

Church Secretary allows you to schedule services, input and record the attendance rate or add names to a local database of church members.

When you add members, you can complete a detailed file about them, by specifying their name, birthday, address, phone, marital status and even add a photos.

Church Secretary also has Library function, allowing you to input the names of the books in the church's inventory into the program.

Once that is done, you can keep track of the books, to whom it was loaned and when it is due. This makes managing books an easy task.

With Church Secretary, you can quickly import or export your entire or a part of a church database. The database can be saved as various formats, such as CSV, HTML, PDF, RTF, image or text format.

Also, you can generate reports based on various criteria, like attendance, absence, talent list, contributions, library items loaned and so much more.

The attendance and contributions can also be displayed either as bar graphs or as pie charts, allowing you to get a detailed and comprehensive overview.

To summarize, Church Secretary is a useful application for easily managing a church, keeping track of the donations and the attendance rate. At the same time, the program gathers information for a complete database of the members of the community.