With all the advancements in today's email software, platforms, clients, and their corresponding format compatibilities, the requirement of conversion software is still present, mainly in the context of achieving better interoperability. When wanting to migrate email data from one format to another, and from one app to another, often the simplest way to do so is to rely on conversion tools.

One such tool is Cigati Maildir Converter, which is an application that was designed specifically in order to allow users to transfer their Maildir and Maildir++ compatible email data to a range of output formats, for subsequent use on other platforms or software.

The application supports a wide range of output formats, addressing both email-specific ones, such as PST, MBOX, or EML, as well as digital document ones, like PDF or DOC and DOCX. Direct migration to other email clients, such as Gmail, Thunderbird, Yahoo Mail, or more, is also supported.

Maildir files that originate from Linux platforms, such as Dovecot, Mutt, and MPOP are also supported. A built-in preview feature enables users to visualize the internal hierarchical structure and preview attributes and corresponding attachments or other relevant objects that might be contained within the email messages.